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We have been with Dr Khalil for several years following an ER procedure that was life threatening and resulted in an ileostomy. He has always been helpful in explaining procedures and medications and makes sure my health remains stable through regular and routine lab workups. He is a favorite because he talks to me and not the computer and always takes time to answer questions.

Very positive experience. Dr. Khalil is a wonderful doctor. He is caring, kind, and listens to all of my concerns. He and I have put in place a plan that is working very well for me. I trust him completely and would recommend him with the highest regard.

I am treated so well by everyone on staff at this location. From the moment I
walk-in and register with Andrea; to my leaving and scheduling my next appointment and getting my next lab order from Toni; or a return phone call from Lauren w/ answers to a medical Q/concern or RX refill.

I am always treated with dignity and respect no matter how bad I look or feel. The staff is always warm, welcoming, friendly, and professional.

Dr. Khalil has been my “Ace” throughout this journey. He is so knowledgeable and educated. He never appears rushed and still runs on time. He always answers my questions and explains everything while still letting me take part in my medical decisions. He gives
me the opportunity to appreciate my own medical background, although it usually provokes more questions from me!

This office is truly the “KDT – Kidney Dream Team,” and I appreciate each and everyone. I trust them with my life!

Thank you for letting me take a moment to share in this survey.

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