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The Link Between Heart Disease and Kidney Disease

Did you know that kidney disease is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes?

Did you know that kidney disease is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes? The heart and kidney play important roles in the body and work together to keep you healthy. When one of these vital organs is affected, the other is too.

Cardiovascular diseases affect the heart or blood vessels and include numerous problems, many of which are related to a process called atherosclerosis. The most common cardiovascular diseases include heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes. High blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol are all well-known risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

The Connection: Kidney Disease and Heart Disease

People with kidney disease have a higher risk for stroke and heart attack, in part because some of the causes of cardiovascular disease are the same as those for kidney disease. Often, when there is a problem with one, things can go wrong with the other.

Kidney disease can cause heart disease, and heart disease can cause kidney disease. When the kidneys are damaged, your hormone system that regulates blood pressure has to work harder to send more blood to the kidneys. This causes heart disease by causing your heart to pump harder.

If your kidneys do not work well, they are not able to remove a protein called homocysteine from the blood. High levels of homocysteine proteins in your blood also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Ways to Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease

There are ways to reduce your risk of heart disease if you also have kidney disease, including:

  • Controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol
  • Following a healthy diet
  • Getting regular physical activity
  • Limiting alcohol use
  • Managing stress
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

There are several ways your kidney doctor can help you prevent cardiovascular disease. These include special control of the blood pressure and regulating minerals in the body, such as calcium and phosphorus. Your kidney specialist can help improve these risk factors and decrease the chances of heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure.

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Written By: Dr. Brian Revis

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